What tools do mechanics use?

A mechanic is a person who identifies a problem with your automobile and does what they can do to fix that problem. Their role is also significant in the development of automobiles, looking for any faults in the manufacturing of the automobiles as well. Mechanics receive very little importance despite playing a significant role in society, like farmers.

What do they do?

Mechanics are indebted with a job that is so vital to our modern society. If they were to disappear one day, the world would envelop in chaos. Their job includes, as mentioned to diagnose the automobile and doing their best at fixing it. The owners do not always notice or mention all the problems. So it becomes the job of the mechanic to look for abnormalities and fix them. This also includes doing routine check-ups for the vehicle and maintaining it. They change the oil or change the air filter and wipers. It also includes changing tires, or fixing them in case of a puncture, or filling air in them.

The Tools needed

Mechanics needs many tools which they need to fulfil their jobs. One of the most important tools is the hammer. This instrument has a metal weight on one side which is attached to a piece of wood or metal arm that is used to hold it. This tool is often used to apply a certain force to it to fix it.  Like to fit in nails to a surface.

Another tool they use is screwdrivers, which we use for securing or removing screws, as the name suggests. They make use of the tool pliers. This is a tool used for gripping small objects or for handling wires. They use this tool to adjust metal parts, because of their small size they are difficult to fix with hands. They make use of a variety of sizes as well. With them, wrenches we often use for gripping, tightening, turning, or fitting things like nuts or bolts. This enables them to exert less force to complete the task. They also use tools like ratchet, sockets and Allen wrenches for gripping or tightening bolts to fix any part of the vehicle like the tyres.

These tools are available abundantly all over the world. You can easily buy them at the lowest rates on many hardware stores or online like the UK tool centre which provides them at a very cheap cost so you can buy them without selling a kidney.

Mechanics play a very important role in our society and get very little importance regarding their jobs in return. We must treat them with respect as they play a very essential role which we all benefit from. Their pay is also quite low so we are in debt to them for continuously committing to this job and providing their services to us asking us for the minimum money. Then why are we still treating them not as our equals? This is high time we change our ways.